Custom Birthday Book
Custom Birthday Book
Custom Birthday Book

Custom Birthday Book

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Produced as a 12" x 15" coffee table book, this favorite starts with the front page from the day you were born, followed by the front page from every birthday in your life - creating a personalized history collection. Available with a leatherette cover in your choice of burgundy or navy. 

Ever wonder what world events have helped shape your lifetime? Or your parents' lifetimes?  Explore a personalized history collection from the daily record of The Las Vegas Review-Journal. Our Custom Birthday Book celebrates the headlines of their lives. Hardbound with every front page of the newspaper from the day of birth and every birthday thereafter, it's a uniquely personal gift and lasting treasure.

As a friend or loved one flips through this personalized hardcover book, it will take them back in time to the most important headlines, articles and photos from the selected day of the year.

If your special date is July 4, 1935, for example, the Custom Birthday Book will include the front page from that date, and every available front page from July 4 each year following.

Exclusively available from The Las Vegas Review-Journal Store, this 12" x 15" book is available with a leatherette cover with foil-stamped embossing in your choice of burgundy or navy cover. 

Each book contains approximately 80 reprinted pages.

Available for the years starting 1930 to 2000. Books for younger recipients have fewer birthday front pages, but we automatically insert at the end a collection of famous front pages to make each book substantial with around 80 pages.

Most pages are reproduced from microfilm, an archiving process that picked up imperfections on printed pages and may have diminished the quality of photos.

Because this personalized item is custom-made for you, all sales are final and this product cannot be returned, refunded or exchanged. Produced in Vermont.


Made in Vermont, U.S.A.
Processing Time to Ship: 4 business days
Dimensions: 15" x 12.5"
Color: Burgundy or Navy Cover
Material: Leatherette cover with premium stock paper.